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ECO GRILLY “Charcoal trading house of Ukraine" - is a major manufacturer of charcoal and presents you its own trademark «EcoGrilly». Our manufactured charcoal meets the highest quality standards and using all modern technologies. It is made of clean hardwood trees meeting all government standards. The company is headquartered in Cherkasy, on str. Shevchenko, 179, office 25.
The main production is located in the Cherkasy region, central and western regions of Ukraine. “Charcoal trading house of Ukraine" is a complete production cycle and is an affiliate of cooperation with dozens of main enterprises on production and sales of charcoal in Ukraine, Europe and the CIS. Trade and export potential of the company is 1000 tons per month. Well-developed production, logistics, worldwide destinations backed up with professional management and corporate ethics. This allows you to establish strong and lasting relationships with loyal customers and partners in Ukraine and worldwide. Leading managers pay attention to the maximum satisfaction of a large number of customers, regardless of the location and volume of purchased charcoal.
TM «EcoGrilly» gives your product a soft and smoky flavor and delight long-term decay of coal, which allows preparing the necessary amount of food.
Our eco-friendly charcoal is made from best hardwood.
«EcoGrilly» -is a new standard for barbecue. Trading House "Charcoal Ukraine" and TM «EcoGrilly» wishes you a pleasant day and we hope for long-term cooperation on mutually beneficial terms.

Our Products

Charcoal standards.

Charcoal produced by our company has the following characteristics:
• non-volatile content of carbon - 78-86%
• Ash content - 1,5-3%
• The water content ( humidity ) - 3 - 6%
• The content of smut - not allowed
• Specific heat of combustion - 35.0 MJ / kg (or 8100 kcal / kg)
• Burning time - 2-3 hours
• Fraction of coal from 20 to 200mm
• Faction - by agreement

GOST 7657-84 on charcoal ( Specifications )

Charcoal can be shipped , as in the original packaging and in the packaging of the customer, namely polypropylene bag , paper bag with the logo of the manufacturer . Transportation can be included in the cost of goods.

Capacity of charcoal in different containers and pallets of truck:
Amount of charcoal in a bag (kg / bag) Amount of bags on a pallet (pcs) Weight of a loaded pallet (kg) Capacity in wagon 86-120m ³, (pc) Note
12-14 - - 14-20 Polypropylene bag
2,5 124 310 8-10,5 Paper bag
3 110 330 8-10,5 Paper bag
5 66 330 8,5-11 Paper bag
10 33 330 9-12 Paper bag

When transporting the possible increase in the fraction of less than 20 mm, due to a tap оf charcoal.


Packages of 10 and 15 kg, and the big- bags of 450-500 kg.
Charcoal corresponds the marks: OKP 24 5571 0130 , GOST 7657-84 Ukraine " Charcoal.
Specifications - Smokeless , odorless, no sparks , no chemical additives , high calorific value , highly flammable , with a long lasting combustion.
Carbon content - 78-86%
Ash content - 1.5- 3%
The moisture level of 3 - 6%
The calorific value of 8000-8500 kcal
Volatiles 8.6%
Burning time - 2-3 hours
Fraction of coal from 20 to 200mm
We pack charcoal in our own bags. and if desired into bags of the customer ( without logo )
Work on conditions : EXW, FCA, DDU or any else.
When calculating the transport costs must be considered that in one cubic meter of the vehicle there could be placed approximately 170-180 kg of coal.
In example:
- 96m3 truck loaded 16 - 17 tons
- 120 m3 truck loaded 19 - 20 tons
- 40 feet container can hold NA 13 - 14 tons
The loading of bags is done by hands, usually loaded up to the ceiling.
This rule is not relevant to supply products on pallets, pallet placed around 450kg of coal. 33 euro pallet ie 14.85 tons.
During the customs clearance of products preparing full set of documents.
Price depends on : 1. Сapacity 2. Packing party 3. Delivery conditions 4. The season.
When loading on pallets price plus 16 euros per tonne. In the production of charcoal are used , high quality raw materials in particular hardwood (oak and hornbeam) . Making charcoal fully meets the requirements of state standards and meets consumer requirements.


The results of research products
Test / Тест Results / Результаты Method / Метод
Moisture (аг) / Влага (рабочее сост.) 4.503% CEN/TS 14774-2
Ash (аг) / Зола (рабочее сост.) 0.64% CEN/TS 14775
Ash (d) / Зола (сухое сост.) 0.67% CEN/TS 14775
Volatile matters (аг) / Летучие в-ва (рабочее сост.) 80.55% CEN/TS 15148
Volatile matters (d) / Летучие в-ва (сухое сост.) 84.35% CEN/TS 15148
Sulphur (аг) / Сера (рабочее сост.) 0.01% Based on / На основании ISO 19579
Sulphur (d) / Сера (сухое сост.) 0.01% Based on / На основании ISO 19579
Net CV (аг), MJ/kg / kWh/kg
Низшая теплота сгорания (рабочее сост.)
17.87 МДж/кг /
4.963 кВт-ч/кг
CEN/TS 14918
Net CV (d), MJ/kg / kWh/kg
Низшая теплота сгорания (сухое сост.)
18.82 МДж/кг/
5.227 кВт-ч/кг
CEN/TS 14918
Gross CV (d), MJ/kg / kWh/kg
Высшая теплота сгорания (сухое сост.)
20.05 МДж/кг/
5.571 кВт-ч/кг
CEN/TS 14918
Gross CV (daf), MJ/kg / kWh/kg
Высшая теплота сгорания (сухое беззольное сост.)
20.19 МДж/кг/
5.608 кВт-ч/кг
CEN/TS 14918


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